Five days back into school and on the countdown to start my new post.
Over the summer, my colleagues have been preparing for the responsibilities they will be taking on from me and the last two days has been a series of meetings looking at immediate priorities, medium term planning and new means to resolve communication between the range of people who will be taking different aspects of my role.
It has highlighted not the amount of work that I have done, but the amount of information that a senior leader carries around in their head. I am more and more interested in how to ensure sustainability in school development and this process is really valuable in seeing how many of the principles I believe are important will remain in the philosophy of the school or indeed how many will leave with me.
Leave with me? It is clear that sustainability in educational leadership is easily threatened by leaders who are keen to make quick impressions, to make their mark and to unpick the work of those who have come before. The conservation aspect of Hargreaves’ work is one that I think new leaders in post may ignore – not at their own peril, but unfortunately at those of the staff who face further turbulence and students who face uncertainty.
One of the recurring issues that I have seen too often is the view in secondaries that education starts there – that primaries have not started the serious work of education. It is a view that is so wrong and is insulting to primary colleagues who are the true champions of the education system. The same mistake is made by new leaders, that the real work starts now. I hope to have more humility in my new role.

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