One week in…


One week ago I was waking up to the most beautiful view of the Adriatic. A week in Croatia and Bosnia had been a week to put one job behind me, consider my thoughts on my new post and also to soak up the landscapes and sounds of countries with a rich and troubled history.
One week later and I can reflect on my new job.
I arrived first thing to an office where my boxes sat, still packed with the books and resources I had brought over before the holiday. No time to unpack – I would sort my office later.
The students and staff have been a delight and Monday was spent visiting classrooms and talking to teachers, teaching assistants, premises officers, administrators and the pastoral team. The staff meeting was an opportunity to consult and consider plans for the future. Monday evening was spent on paperwork – the office could be sorted later.
Tuesday went quickly, with updates on finance as well as more visits to classrooms and work on developing evidence for the SEF.
Wednesday’s morning meeting with SLT to discuss the existing SEF and the range of judgements was rudely interrupted by a phone call from OFSTED….
A hastily arranged staff meeting was followed by my first governing body meeting that night and our visitors arrived on Thursday. In the meantime, the boxes in my office disappeared under sheets as the builders moved round the building to continue their replacement of the windows.
The programme for Thursday and Friday was in place, with meetings, observations, learning walks, book scrutinies and discussions.
It has been a busy week, the feedback session on Friday concluding with a fire bell ringing and a quick sprint to the cause – fortunately only a false alarm.
I prepared to leave on Friday knowing that I had meetings with our partner schools next week, as well as an induction meeting to support new headteachers. An email arrived asking me now to present on OFSTED.
My daughter’s roller-skating party is this weekend as well as my son having a sleepover.
And now it’s five o’clock and I am wide awake.
And I think I’m going to change office.

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