A life in the week of….

This job continues to be a roller coaster. Last week was no exception:

Monday: Met with two students whom I am currently mentoring as part of our intervention programme. They are both delightful but at risk of under-achieving. We discussed how last week had gone and agreed some priorities for the week ahead. I still smile at times with the role of senior management mentoring. I remember evaluating an intervention programme a few years ago to see the impact that had been made by various forms of mentoring. Outcomes – form tutors most effective, SMT least effective. mmm. This was followed later by a meeting with the chair of governors to agree the agenda for next week’s governing body meeting. Developing the relationship with governors is one of the challenges for a new head but I am pleased that already there are a number of developments and initiatives that have been created through our governors.

Tuesday: We had a photographer in school all day to update the images we have available as part of the redesign of our website. We have launched a new parent site, but the school site has been in need of an overhaul and so I was pleased to see this move on. Lots of activities were taking place and we finished the day with some personal shots that I hope are not too cheesy! In the space in between was another meeting with a governor with a focus on assessment, updates from the business manager and a difficult meeting. Staff meetings at the end of the day were set up to allow different task groups to develop action research work that is feeding into our school development plan.

Wednesday: Another meting with a governor, this time with a focus upon marketing and promotion. We discussed the core messages we have been promoting and further strategies to communicate with parents and other partners. These kind of meetings are the best, when the challenge and the support operate together so that by the end of the meeting everyone feels that we have moved to new ground. I said farewell to a member of staff who is leaving us as a teaching assistant to start training as a teacher. A fine compliment to the teachers who work here and have shown what a great job it can be. We also had an athlete in school, promoting sporting activity and encouraging the students to commit themselves to success. A lovely day with a really positive feel – especially when I ended it at as a parent at my own child’s parents’ evening.

Thursday: Lesson visits and some further meetings, looking at progress with performance management and our IT infrastructure. The day ended with a staff meeting for the nursery. As a principal I have the honour of the responsibility for a nursery of over 14 staff and more than a hundred children on roll. It was a late night but again a great day.

Friday: The day began with a presentation to a group of year nine students who were interested in choosing performing arts subjects for GCSE. It was another opportunity to talk to students about what they want to achieve and how they want to get there. The best part of the job.

A week with plenty of variety, ending on Friday night with a treat of going to the comedy festival. Time to start thinking of winding down.

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