Working with parents

It was a good opportunity to meet with parents at parents’ evenings this week. The interface between school and home is such an important area for developing relationships and I have been putting a lot of effort into this aspect over the last few months. We are redeveloping our website, have already launched a new portal for parents, redesigned the reporting system and I present a weekly update to parents on the news at the school and upcoming events.

Responses from parents have been positive so far, but there still remains a number of the hard to reach. One of the most effective strategies has been the unremitting commitment of our staff of our intervention team to contact parents in the build up to parents’ evenings so that at the last parents’ evening we had nearly a full house. Great news.

In November I held a forum with parents to hear their views and to be able to include them in the consultation on the the school action plan. I was pleased also to meet with individual parents but finding ways to continue the dialogue now that I am no longer new remains important.

Two way dialogue via our website and portal is the next challenge, as well as investing more energy on the parents who need encouraging to be actively involved in the partnership – this includes the wary, the nervous and also the challenging!

1 thought on “Working with parents

  1. Hi is your parent forum a regular event? There is termly meeting at AW with all SLT present which is an excellent way to communicate two way. Inevitably this will not attract hard to reach parents.
    It sounds like you are really moving things on!

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