Having been prompted a while ago by @oldandrewuk to rediscover my subject roots, I realise how much I have missed drama teaching and the learning that takes place through it.
I started teaching drama in 1989, when all other subjects were fighting their way through the national curriculum.
I felt in far more control in my own studio, able to determine content and skills in a way that I felt best suited preparation not only for the GCSE examination but also for present understanding and future experiences.
In year seven this involved developing and understandng narrative form, and moving through a combination of experiential drama, understanding of a range of dramatic forms and theatrical techniques in years eight and nine until we started the rigours of GCSE.
The freedom to plan my own route through the specification has informed my approaches to curriculum delivery as a school leader, with subject teams charged with preparing challenging routes through the learning of skills, knowledge and understanding.
The opportunities to open up experiences for students and indeed staff in the new key stage three curriculum is an adventure that I am really relishing at the moment.